Danielle (daniellec) wrote in nesecession,

if this takes off, i'm not flying anymore.

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that's insane!
lets just hope you don't have piercings under your clothes.
christ. that's worse than when my fifteen year old friend had her underwear and whatnot rummaged through by a male security guard in front of everyone waiting at the terminal. they said it was necessary since she didn't have a government issued photo id - which most fifteen year olds in ma tend to not have.
idk, thats so embarrassing, not to mention nice big crock of steaming bullshit.
just a little side comment, i wouldn't be surprised if this caused a nationwide boycot of airplanes. honestly though, flying is such a huge part of our lives that it would be hard to do. people don't want to drive with the rising gas prices, and some places just don't have passenger trains anymore. busses take too long and are uncomfortable for long hours. idk, why do we have to so damned dependent on crap.