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Don't Tread On Me

North East Secession
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We are not Democrats; we are not Republicans; we are simply tired of sending more money to the federal goverment than we get back, we are sick of no separation between church and state, and we think we can run ourselves better than they can. This forum is dedicated to the small beginnings of what we hope will be a big end: the eventual secession of anything from New York City, to states from Maine to PA or MD or whatever. The Thirteen colonies live.

But if I had any sway, I'd be making sure J. Richman's "New England" is the national anthem. Maybe "The COlonies" as a name?

Long live the original parties to the constitution.

brought to you in love and light by rackmount. viva la revolucion. and members please feel free to bring to my attention any changes to the info page you'd like.